🚢 Lynks Updates W20

During this past week, we've made significant strides in squashing various bugs affecting the system, leading to enhanced functionality and user experience. Additionally, we've made noticeable improvements in our shipment label generation process. Your continued feedback and support are invaluable to us as we strive to make our platform even better. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week! Read More

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the VAT field in product data to accept one decimal place.
  • Ensured the full shipment URL is visible and interactive within the shipment Modal.
  • Rectified an issue that was causing both the Tracking number and URL to save as null.
  • Introduced a restriction to the shipping order button; it's now enabled only after the order is marked as paid on Manor.

🚀 Improvements

  • Enhanced the user feedback for shipment label generation, reflecting the successful creation of labels.