🚢 Lynks Updates W27

This week's update is focused on improving the accuracy of order tracking, fixing a number of bugs, and enhancing user navigation. We've resolved several issues related to incorrect display and functionality across the dashboard, product export, and order confirmation processes. Furthermore, we have made navigation more intuitive and ensured that warning pop-ups are also translated into German. The update also introduces an improvement to the Fulfillment View, which will now open the first fulfillment by default. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for helping us continually refine our platform.

🚀 Improvements

  • By default, the Fulfillment View will now open the first fulfillment.
  • Improved page navigation: The navigation now better detects user's intent when a new page is opened while the previous one is still loading.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the issue of orders not being marked as "paid" in Bexio.
  • Rectified the problem, causing the shipped status total order count to display as blank or 0 on the dashboard.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented some Manor orders from confirming correctly due to an issue with the fulfillments data.
  • Fixed the erroneous display of the delivered order amount on the CMS for certain orders.
    Resolved the problem where the tracking number was not saved correctly in the URL for some shipment carriers.
  • Restored functionality to the Product Export feeds download that had stopped working due to a filename change.
  • Resolved the duplication of order lines in the order upon confirmation.
    Corrected the dashboard display to show the accurate open orders count for new orders.
  • Fixed the issue preventing the printing of delivery notes from the order listing page for some sellers.
  • Resolved the issue causing blank fulfillment details to appear for cancelled orders on the UI.
  • Fixed the bug where the document URL key appeared as empty in the product data file.
  • Rectified the issue causing fulfillment details to display as null for orders shipped from the API.
  • Corrected the erroneous channel name data appearing in some delivery notes.
  • Fixed the display of null/blank fulfillment details for confirmed orders, and also corrected the inaccurate confirmed order count.
  • Restored the missing company name from Orders Side Peek for orders supplier account.
  • Fixed the color picker functionality for delivery note.
  • Translated warning pop-ups into German language.