🚢 Lynks Updates W26

Over the past week, we've introduced a host of improvements to enhance user experience and streamline order and fulfillment management. We've transitioned the order details view to a fulfillment view and added more action buttons to the order details view for more efficient processing. We've also adjusted the way we calculate order status and introduced a new original order view. In addition, we've streamlined the naming convention for bulk delivery documents. On the bug-fixing front, we've addressed an issue with the color picker used in customizing delivery notes. We appreciate your continued support as we strive to improve our platform.

🚀 Improvements

  • Transitioned the order details view to a fulfillment view: The order details view now supports multiple fulfillments within an order better. Order lines can be accessed by clicking the accordion.
  • Added more action buttons to the order details view: This enhancement makes the order processing experience more efficient. Orders can now be confirmed or cancelled directly from the order details page, and delivery notes can be downloaded from the same page.
  • Shifted the shipment delivery information feature: This feature has been moved from inside the order details page to the three dots in the order listings page.
  • Adjusted the logic used for computing order status: We now store this information at a fulfillment level, and the status of all fulfillments is used to calculate the order status.
  • Introduced a new original order view: The original order information can now be accessed from the three dots beside each order in the orders listing page.
  • Modified the file naming convention for delivery documents: When printed in bulk for multiple fulfillments, the file name will now be LS-$order_no.-$present_date.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the color picker used for customizing delivery notes.