🚢 Lynks Updates W25

In our continued effort to improve our platform, we've made several key updates this week. On the bug fixing front, we've made necessary adjustments to our inventory integrators to better handle SKU values. As for improvements, we've expanded currency support in our Galaxus product feeds, enhanced variable creation in our WooCommerce integrator, refined translations on our settings page, and updated our email branding from Buyogo to Lynks. As always, we're grateful for your ongoing support and feedback.

🚀 Improvements

  • Our product feeds now support the transmission of different currencies to Galaxus.
  • Enhanced our WooCommerce integrator to support the creation of variables based on a Is used for variation key for every attribute.
  • Improved the translations on our settings page.
  • Updated the branding in our notification emails from Buyogo to Lynks.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted our inventory integrators to set values to 0 for a specific SKU if the source system stops sending any value.