🚢 Lynks Updates W32

In our recent update, we've prioritized user-friendliness by refining UI elements and ensuring optimal performance with the enhancement of our master product data download functionality. Additionally, we've resolved some synchronization issues with Manor and tweaked the data format in Galaxus for a more intuitive user experience.

🚢 Lynks Updates W31

This week, we focused on enhancing user experience through improved visual designs and ensuring consistent data representation across our platform. Notably, we’ve revamped the truck icon for shipment information and rectified various issues related to Manor and Bexio integrations. Your seamless experience is our top priority, and we are continually working towards making our platform more efficient.

🚢 Lynks Updates W30

This week, we've concentrated on refining the information displayed on the Galaxus delivery note for better transparency. We've also rectified a format inconsistency in the Galaxus exports pertaining to the “Restock Date” key. As always, we're dedicated to improving your experience and welcome any feedback.


🚢 Lynks Updates W29

Our recent updates have addressed key issues that impacted the dashboard order count and inventory displays during partial order processing. Additionally, we've made significant strides in enhancing compatibility with Galaxus by incorporating their latest Schema for order processing. We remain committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience and appreciate your continued feedback.

🚢 Lynks Updates W28

In our latest release, we've addressed a couple of significant bugs, notably an issue with the Firefox browser and inaccuracies in tax details sent to Galaxus. Additionally, to enhance user experience, we've made visual improvements to the order details view and the empty state illustrations on the order listings page. Your feedback plays a vital role in these refinements, and we thank you for your continued support and engagement.

🚢 Lynks Updates W27

This week's update is focused on improving the accuracy of order tracking, fixing a number of bugs, and enhancing user navigation. We've resolved several issues related to incorrect display and functionality across the dashboard, product export, and order confirmation processes. Furthermore, we have made navigation more intuitive and ensured that warning pop-ups are also translated into German. The update also introduces an improvement to the Fulfillment View, which will now open the first fulfillment by default. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for helping us continually refine our platform.


🚢 Lynks Updates W26

Over the past week, we've introduced a host of improvements to enhance user experience and streamline order and fulfillment management. We've transitioned the order details view to a fulfillment view and added more action buttons to the order details view for more efficient processing. We've also adjusted the way we calculate order status and introduced a new original order view. In addition, we've streamlined the naming convention for bulk delivery documents. On the bug-fixing front, we've addressed an issue with the color picker used in customizing delivery notes. We appreciate your continued support as we strive to improve our platform.

🚢 Lynks Updates W25

In our continued effort to improve our platform, we've made several key updates this week. On the bug fixing front, we've made necessary adjustments to our inventory integrators to better handle SKU values. As for improvements, we've expanded currency support in our Galaxus product feeds, enhanced variable creation in our WooCommerce integrator, refined translations on our settings page, and updated our email branding from Buyogo to Lynks. As always, we're grateful for your ongoing support and feedback.

🚢 Lynks Updates W24

This week, we've been hard at work addressing various bugs that were impacting visibility of customer and order details, user display issues, and some challenges with our product data download feature. We've also fine-tuned the precision of our product pricing values and improved our German translations. In addition, we've introduced a few user-friendly improvements to the order listings page, enhancing the overall user experience. Read More


🚢 Lynks Updates W23

This week, we continued our ongoing efforts to identify and rectify bugs across our platform. We fixed issues that were impacting tracking URL generation, product image data, order total calculations, and product data downloads. In addition, we've expanded the currency support in our Galaxus Product data export integrator to include more than just CHF for transmitting pricing information. Your continued support and feedback help us to constantly improve our platform. .Read More